Arttu Silvast – On the Nightline (Spotify)

“Beautiful, emotional and very unusual work. The symbiosis of Ambient and Neoclassical always creates a strong vibration in the mind. Almost 6 minutes of peaceful sound, which are able to attract ones attention. Calm down and feel free of any painful weights.”

“Красиво, эмоционально и очень необычно. Симбиоз эмбиента и неоклассики всегда создаёт сильную вибрацию в душе. Практически 6 минут умиротворения, которые способны удержать на себе внимание. Успокоить, убаюкать и растворить в невесомости.”

This ambient piece represents the feeling of staying up all night and listening to a night talk show on the radio somewhere in the late eighties in Helsinki. It’s raining, it’s dark outside but you get a warm and comforting feeling of listening to the familiar voice on the radio.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 3, 2021