Ross Hollow – In The Quiet (Spotify)

“Music that reaches the listener through melodic images of unimaginable beauty, acoustic guitar rhythms and Indie folk mood. Very gentle vocals and the stream of the artist's consciousness is transmitted through the language of sound.”

“Музыка, которая достигает слушателя через мелодичные образы невообразимой красоты, акустическую гитару, ритмы и настроение indie folk. Очень нежный и откровенный вокал и поток сознания автора переданный через язык звуков.”

In The Quiet is a folky ballad similar to Mumford and Sons. It is about moving away and being far from friends but still caring about them. The picking part was inspired by a classical guitar song called Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 3, 2021