Ben Perrin – I Love You (Spotify)

The new emotional pop single of Ben Perrin,"I Love You"tells a story of a passing loved one.
The true story of "I Love You" is about hisfriend who has lost the one he loves due to an accident. The line,"Wish I could see you one last time, so I could say my last goodbye" has the most impact because of how meaningful these lyrics are. The meaning behind these lyrics is about how much he wants to see her again and tell her one last time "I love you, goodbye."

Few Words about Ben Perrin
Ben Perrin is a Brisbane based musician who draws musical influence from “Lewis Capaldi and Dean Lewis”. Combining catchy melodies with heartfelt and melancholy lyrics, Ben's approach to songwriting is simple. Keep it honest and memorable.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 19, 2020