Boo Seeka – Finish What You Started (Spotify)

“"Boo Seeka" dropped another hit in the Dream Pop scene and it may have addictive (side)effects! The track starts shaking the ground right after you press play. Uplifting lyrics, effect driven vocals and wide electronic background patterns for your full listening pleasure.”

‘There’s a miracle out there for the finding” – it’s the kind of lyric that sends goosebumps down the spine, particularly after the last two years of hardship and trauma. Finish What You Started is actually quite a motivational track, and not in a forceful way – gentle, persuasive and inspirational, Boo encourages the listener to continue the work, to continue chasing dreams despite how hard it can get. Evocative of early 2010s indies Two Door Cinema Club and The Strokes, smooth electronic beats mesh flawlessly with guitar and Boo’s stunning falsetto. It’s easy to imagine Finish What You Started playing on the stereo in the car on the way down to the beach during an Aussie summer.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 7, 2022