“Chamber sound, like nice wooden hammers hitting the strings of an old piano. The track -A Strong Tide of Liberty- has a touch of tenderness and love in every note.”

“Ламповый, немного камерный звук приятно ударяет деревянными молоточки по струнам старинного фортепиано. -A Strong Tide of Liberty- это поток нежности и любви в каждой ноте.”

Irish composer Brian Crosby makes his debut solo release with a stunning collection of 9 delicate instrumental pieces recorded on a prepared upright piano in his remote treehouse studio at the foot of the Wicklow mountains in Ireland.

“I wanted to write piano music that has a certain restraint and stillness to it. Pieces that lag behind the regular tempo of our routines, and melodies that resist following huge emotive curves. It comes from a place uninterrupted, an escape from the noise and stimuli of daily life”.

Brian’s minimal approach to piano playing and his attention to detail in capturing every sonic detail of the instrument results is a spacious collection of meditative, pared back recordings filled with hypnotic, recurring phrases and textural soundscapes recorded on a beautifully restored August Förster piano from the 1920’s which he brought back to Ireland after his time spent living and recording in Berlin.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 13, 2021

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