“U -cassidy taylor- vocals capable of waking up a volcano of feelings inside you. Her new single is a great example of a correct and competent approach to arranging and information, and the ALT Pop atmosphere is very useful for all melodic aspects.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У -Cassidy Taylor- вокал способный разбудить внутри вас вулкан чувств. Её новый сингл прекрасный пример правильного и грамотного подхода к аранжировке и сведению, а атмосфера Alt Pop очень кстати подчёркивает все мелодические аспекты.”


Everything we go through in life shapes who we are in the present, hence the lyric "you'll never really get out Clean". Life is messy. We gather scars and we go through things we wish we hadn't.

'Clean' was written about toxic masculinity and the illusion of control. While in production, the goal was to create a track that carried a macho, manly vibe while the vocal represents the anger and resentment of the female in the relationship.