Atomic Blonde – You Became God

“The minor, melancholy, like cool, after morning rain, in the viscous and dense atmosphere of which you will stay until the last seconds. Vocal -incomparable, melody Indie pop -immerses in itself, and you are just a guest captivated by the new track -atomic blonde-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Минорная, меланхоличная, словно прохлада после утреннего дождя композиция, в тягучей и густой атмосфере которой вы будете пребывать до последних секунд. Вокал — бесподобный, мелодия Indie Pop - погружает в себя, а вы — всего лишь гость в плену нового трека -Atomic Blonde-.”

You Became God is about becoming so obsessed with a romantic partner to the point where you worship them. This kind of love is difficult and toxic, but hard to escape from. It can be addicting even though it is unhealthy.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 24, 2022