Chris Baluyut – Come Back To The World

“With special care Chris Baluyut has created a deeply emotional single. Dream Pop style, fragile vocals and lyrics coming straight from the heart. Carefully mixed Synth patterns, ambient sound layers and effects, complete the picture of this quality production.”

Chris Baluyut is a dream-pop artist whose songwriting explores emotional journeys, interpersonal relationships, and our inner world of feelings and thought processes. His debut EP, Leap Year, has garnered critical raves from,, and That release explored ethereal folk with organic instrumentation. Chris has since evolved into an artist who explores atmospheric soundscapes grounded by defined rhythmic pulses. His carefully-curated aesthetic now spans dream-pop, electro-pop, post-rock, and folktronica. His latest track, ‘Come Back to the World’, “is about wishing I could have done more for someone close to me when they needed it most, but staying hopeful that I’ll have another chance soon to be there for them.” The track is part of a 3-single series that showcases an expanded sense of textural artistry, and they feature spacy synths, vocal effects, vocoder, harmonies, layered ambience, and electronic drums.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 14, 2022