Chromadescent – Apperception (Spotify)

“How many genre influences you can count in this colorful funky psychedelic electronica? We allready gave you a small idea here, yet harmonies and synhts flirting also with genres as synthwave and rock, a multilayered track with positive outlook vibes for lovers of shine mood.”

Psychedelic colors swirl in Chromadescent’s new single, “Apperception.” As the title, art, and video suggest, Chromadescent conjures the altered states that help us perceive the underlying unity of all creation, from clubs to cosmos, cities to the mountains Chromadescent calls home.

The second offering from up-and-coming Colorado producer Clay Meyer, “Apperception” features a progressive and engaging soundscape -- a fitting follow-up to his debut single that bloggers called “exciting," "gorgeous," and “dreamy” (NagaMag, AAA Backstage, At Cost Magazine).

With lush atmospheric textures, Meyer’s guitar work and downtempo design, “Apperception” is a perfect chill-out track that has the power to bring you closer to the mystical pulse of the cosmic spheres where worlds and ideas collide is a swell of iridescent color.

This is organic, ambient electronica vibe is perfect for getting high and going deep with your homies.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 13, 2020