“Set yourself to the right wave, feel that everything is going on as usual, life is easy and relaxed. This is much more than just a pleasant Synthpop melody, it is a sip of pure, healing strength and energy. Cut it to the bottom! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Настройте себя на нужную волну, почувствуйте, что всё идёт своим чередом, жизнь легка и непринуждённа. Это намного больше, чем просто приятная мелодия Synthpop, это глоток чистой, целительной силы и энергии. Испейте его до дна!”


Burning Love is a track taken from Cold Connection's debut album Seconds Of Solitude, released through Town And Towers Records on October 15, on all digital platforms. Burning Love is an electronic up-tempo pop song, that flirts with the 80's Modern Talking and today's new wave/electro pop where unconditional love prevails. In today's hard and cold society, it can be nice to just give in and throw yourself into someone else's arms. It's you and your loved one, at night, in the dance.