Dan Zimmerman – Carry You

“In a mix of sad feelings, the artist shares his pain from losing a close person. Artistic instrumentation and lyrics from the heart that can touch your soul in the most gentle way. Lovely Folk production, based on a friendship that goes beyond this world.”


“Carry You” is a vocally-driven piano ballad about the death of a close friend. The song was written shortly after the passing of Dan’s first songwriting partner, who died of cancer at 26. The single is set to be released on her birthday, February 3, to celebrate her life. Lyrically, “Carry You” focuses on the nostalgia of deep friendship and the pain of losing a loved one. The piano and vocal lines are joined by soaring strings to deliver a unique indie singer-songwriter performance. “Carry You” is a departure from the electropop style of Dan’s 2021 singles, “Soldiers” and “Body.”


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 5, 2022