Delphine Maillard – Garçon timide (official video) (Video)

“Ever wonder how a jazz piece could unite rhythm and serenity into a soft warm embrace? Then you should better listen to the latest release from French songwriter Delphine Maillard who captivates melodies by steady bass and subtle drums supported by harmonious guitar and a funky videoclip ”

The first single from the album “Paris”, released on on Timezone Records. Enjoy!”

It all starts with a sensation: the first rays of the sun after a summer rain. The softness of the voice of Delphine, very close and unpretentious. Sensual and light, clear and without rushing, her voice oscillates above the music and refined rhythms.

Delphine Maillard is French and Berlin has been her home for over 10 years. She has released her second studio album. Many things happened since her debut in 2015. The bassist and jazz school student became a mother. The songs from her new album seduce thanks to richer arrangements, without losing the lightness of their beginning. She unwraps for us her personal universe in which aerial sounds are carried by subtle texts. The carefree early days gave way to clarity and maturity. It gives off a feeling of love, trust and closeness. The girl in love has given birth to love.

Delphine Maillard talks about the love so great it surpasses us, about the love between a mother and her child or the love of the people she trusts the most.

But sometimes wounds occur too: the song “Paris” was written after the terrorist attack on the Bataclan. Delphine sings her sadness confronted with the unimaginable and her refusal to accept violence and weapons. “Paris, my heart, Paris, my pain, Paris, I cry, Paris”.

Delphine Maillard writes her own texts and music. We hear dancing and captivating melodies carried by her steady bass and some subtle drums. The guitars weave effortlessly through the harmonies while supporting them. This second album ranges from french song to folk and to jazz. Rhythm and serenity unite and bring the soft warmth of an embrace.

Delphine offers us 11 songs which by their musicality, their virtuosity of language and their touching intimacy act on us like an island: a place where everything is close, where any encounter is possible.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 22, 2020