Eline Høyer – Worth to Keep

“A new gem is out from "Eline Høyer" and sounds quite unique too. This single reveals the artist's mesmerizing voice and the lyrics are its main part. Calm, expressive and authentic work, balancing between Pop and Folk.”


“Worth To Keep” stands out from the other tracks on this Ep with its minimalistic approach. In a sense it's almost bare like Eline Høyer`s raw and dynamic vocals also refers to, being up most vulnerable by sharing your fears and insecurities while coming to terms with the fact that you are worthy of anything. This track is the most vocal-driven one, almost to the point where it crosses borders from pop to soul music. Further on she's accompanied by drums and bass to give it even more depth and atmosphere for Eline Høyer ́s vocals to shine through with hints of the pop and indie genre throughout the song.


Eline Høyer is a singer songwriter originally from Troms in northern Norway. Høyer moved to the south of Norway at the age of 7 but remains a northerner at heart. Embracing her misplacement, her music is emotional, honest, raw, soft and heart-rending depending on the theme with a voice that captivates and mesmerises. As a singer-songwriter Høyer is inspired by a wide range of different styles embodying the Acoustic pop, soul, indie and folk genres in a single powerful package.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 8, 2022