Ella Hartwig – Dear Grandpa

“In a sophisticated manner and heartwarming spirit, "Ella Hartwig" shares her thoughts about her connection with older relatives. We can't stop growing old and even old people grow older too. This mesmerizing Acoustic single can make you realize how deep is your love for your family persons”


Artist said about this song:

"“Dear Grandpa” is a ballad straight from the heart, referring to missing our grandparents and not being able to visit during lockdown. The song is inspired by the passing of my grandpa’s late wife, where I express how grateful I am to have visited and played them a song on my new guitar before she passed. My favourite line is “it’s changed a bit now that we’ve all grown up”. It relates to how everyone always mentions that the children grow up, but unfortunately our grandparents grow older as well. The release date was February 6th, which is my mothers birthday but also my grandma, who inspired the song. The original inspiration came from the “all the carpets in your home had been rolled up” line, where I noticed on my visit that the home had changed- the carpets had been rolled up because she was getting sick and had to roll them up for mobility issues. "


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 9, 2022