Gone Gone Beyond, Moontricks, The Human Experience – Coast

Gone Gone Beyond, Moontricks, The Human Experience – Coast (Spotify)

Looking back at the night we wrote “Coast” with our friends Moontricks. We were on a tour stop in San Francisco and decided to take some time to sing under the moon. The lines of the chorus “it’s out of my control, so I’m gonna coast for a little while,” were a reference to our gypsy lifestyle. Little did we know that 7 months later, on the day we release the song, they would be emblematic of our collective psyche.

While we firmly believe that there are things you CAN control (your heart, your mind), the lyric serves as a reminder that sometimes you need to put down the paddle and let the river take you where it leads. And that’s something a lot of us need to hear right now. ❤️ -Gone Gone Beyond

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 7, 2020

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