“Green Valdener and jaayns invite us into a -Sleep Walking- under the Sunday Choruses imprint, a gentely soulful pop chill which flows dreamy.”

Sleep Walking is the second collaboration with Green Valdener for UK alternative artist Jaayns and follows their 2017 collaboration The Wrong Ones. Set within an ambient soundscape, this new collaboration explores the space of unconsciously being aware of how our life impacts on the world around us and how we are being unconsciously impacted by other people decisions and actions every day in return. Is it easier to stay asleep than put off dealing with the consequences of our actions?

Green Valdeners production is dreamy dark and epically chilled with a driving force which never quite provides the listener with resolution as it builds, pulls and falls away, yet is deeply pleasant to listen to. With a signature style that references back to their 2017 collaboration ‘The Wrong Ones’ this is a much more developed sound from Valdener.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 7, 2020

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