Jackie Bristow – Outsider

“A song that can offer you a few minutes of pleasure and nostalgia. A successful combination of metaphorical lyrics, dynamic and romantic melody. The vocals of "Jackie Bristow" and the main motive of the song will give you the kindest emotions.”

“Песня, которая способна подарить вам несколько минут ностальгии и удовольствия. Удачное сочетания метафоричности текста, динамичной и романтической мелодии и вокала -Jackie Bristow-, а главный мотив песни подарит самые добрые и правильные эмоции.”


“This song tells a story of how it it feels to move from a small rural town Gore at the bottom of New Zealand to and moving alone taking my chances and moving to a bigger world, breaking into scenes in Sydney, Australia and then making the big move to music cities like to Los Angles CA, Austin TX, and Nashville TN USA and along this tough road. Miracles that can happen and the incredible people you meet you that welcome you to the inside and finding your inner circle and making real friendships that last a lifetime.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 19, 2022