“Lush piano with just as amazing vocals. Rhythm pars are very subtle, but they fits beautifully in the mood of the song. Arrangement is good as it gets, love the string part at the end, it closes the song perfectly. ”


Melancholic is a song about losing yourself, and feeling like you’re about to give up. Jagger wrote the line “I’m in your arms but I can’t feel your touch”, thinking about how that line is a message to someone you love trying to explain how you feel. “Just let me be melancholy” is supposed to give off the feeling of letting go and just letting yourself feel “melancholy” or melancholic. The song title being Melancholic was supposed to be a little ironic as the feeling being described is a lot stronger than melancholy. This song for anyone who struggles with their mental health, relationship with themselves, or is just going through something right now. The hope is for everyone who hears this song uses it as inspiration, and feels more hopeful and uplifted after listening.