John Dennis – Board Game Money (Spotify)

“For people in search of classic american rock music hearings Board game money is an exquisite example coming from a young artist that having been deeply inspired by folk's greatest like Dylan and Springsteen delivers smartly a memorable example with his own distinct character”

John Dennis, a 27 year old Freeburg, IL native, moved to Nashville, TN in 2010 to pursue his unique place among the music there. Though his songs resonate with the influence of many of folk's greats--namely Dylan, Simon and Springsteen--his unique vocals, clever Midwestern-driven imagery, and 21st century socially commentative lyrics earn him his own distinct voice. In 2013 he was discovered by Dr. Bryan Clark of Rainfeather Records--a successful musician and producer in his own right. The pair worked together to complete John's first record with Rainfeather, "Eternity's Tree," which was released in 2014. The album features a colorful collection of Dennis' original work and displays strongly John's ability to deliver an enjoyable listening experience while not shying away from his characteristic weightiness and lyrical substance. In 2016, John, along with Clark and Rainfeather, recorded a follow up record entitled "Second Wind," which only built upon and deepened what was presented in his debut; and which marked a substantial and triumphant step forward for Dennis both artistically and personally. "Second Wind," was recorded at Plethoratone Studios in Brentwood, TN. Following its official release in 2017, Dennis began work on his third full length record: a concept album that will prove to be his most creatively ambitious project yet. “Mortal Flames,” recorded at Blackbird and Plethoratone studios, is slated for release in the early Spring of 2019.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 28, 2020