Kadebostany – Another Sunrise feat. Fang The Great

“This track from -kadebostany- you will remember for your whole life, because only it is able to give you vivid emotions in which so many energy, feelings and a high degree of a real, living high! Great Indietronica with a very interesting and original vocal component.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек от -Kadebostany- вы запомните на всю свою жизнь, ведь только он способен подарить вам яркие эмоции, в которых столько энергии, чувств и высокий градус настоящего, живого кайфа! Отличная Indietronica с очень интересной и оригинальной вокальной составляющей.”


Kadebostany returns with the flamboyant “Another Sunrise”! On this new single, architect of future pop Guillaume de Kadebostany delivers edgy hybrid productions, surrounded by the singular vocals of Paris-based Fang The Great, and anthemic Ukrainian chants. A cultural smash turned into a twisted pop anthem, evoking a sense of grandeur, hope and freedom.

“Another Sunrise” was premiered in June 2022 at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, in front of a 20’000 crowd. An epic performance which caught a lot of attention; various live extracts cumulate several million views on social networks in less than a month.

“Another Sunrise” was originally recorded between Kyiv and Paris in 2020. The song features one of Kadebostany’s new live singer Fang The Great, and the Ukrainian singers Daryna Salii, Iryna Sizyk, and Vasylyna Tkachuk.


Reviewed by Nagamag on August 6, 2022