“Kevin McKay's new tune can be considered everything but ordinary. House and Commercial mix of samples forming dynamic patterns. The chorus effect adds extra colour in the sound and those vocals captivate your mind.”

Dance music figurehead Kevin McKay has released 'Goodies', the new single from his brand new album of the same name; a superb collection of his most standout recent tracks, looking back over a massively productive 15 month period. The essential selection takes in a broad array of remixes and originals from the Glasgow Underground label head, world-renowned DJ and tireless producer.

The single 'Goodies' is a rework of Ciara's 2004 R&B classic ‘Goodies.’ Talking about the new single Kevin McKay said, "This track started as an edit I made of the Ciara original to play out. I love the simplicity of Lil Jon's production (musically, it's almost all on one note!), and Ciara's rhythmic delivery makes for a great dancefloor mover. So I've taken the signature chorus, wrapped it up in a heavy tech beat and developed the Ocarina synth in the original into a big drop synth. It got a wicked reaction when I played it at the GU party at NT's Loft in January."

Even by his high standards, Kevin McKay has had a landmark couple of years. His label is closing in on an incredible 700th release, and the man himself continued to turn out a high-grade, non-stop selection of vital sounds that covered a wide spectrum of house styles. Back in 2020, he dropped his well-received 'Summer Of Love' LP which perfectly captured the club experience in one indispensable album. There was also a huge collaboration with French house producer Norman Doray on "Let Me Work On You" while the Glasgow Underground label continued to make exciting new talent signings with the likes of prodigious producer Harvee quickly making his mark.

All this of course comes after Kevin has spent many years deeply entrenched in the scene. In that time he has earned a deserving reputation as one of house music's most hard-working figures and has done everything from working in high profile collaborative duos with Omid 16B, creating numerous dance floor anthems, discovering and co-producing Mylo’s seminal album, ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’ album and holding down a residency at Mick's Garage in London.

The new album features plenty of new vocal tunes such as "Take It Back", "Open Your Heart" and "Voices", but the majority of the tracks are classic songs and samples re-imagined with a 2022 groove, including his huge new rework of Ciara's "Goodies".

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 6, 2022

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