Kisos – wish u were around (feat. Zach Benson)

“The qualitative level of combining two genres is a commercial sound and melodic Synthpop. A pronounced rhythm-section and explosive energy is a postulate on which the professionalism and talent of performers are located. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Качественный уровень объединения двух жанров — коммерческое звучание и мелодичный Synthpop. Ярко выраженная ритм-секция и взрывная энергетика — это постулат, на котором расположились профессионализм и талант исполнителей.”

Kisos & Zach Benson are bringing wholesome, springtime love (with a hint of drama) to streaming on April 28th with "wish u were around" - produced by Zach and mixed by Kisos. A DIY record capturing growing up while hopefully not growing apart.

The duo met in 2019 through mutual friends soon after Zach moved to NYC and bonded immediately. "When you move away from your partner it's so bittersweet. We wanted to tell the story of a couple who are deeply in love and supportive of each other pursuing their dreams, but share that honest jealousy and fear of losing each other that comes with watching the other person's life change drastically while you're so far away," says Kisos.

The duo are releasing weekly skit episodes that show an inside look into how they're dealing with their long-distance love, and minted some single art postcards to send to early supporters. You can also catch Kisos live in Brooklyn on May 19th (tickets).

Lyrics on Bandcamp:

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 6, 2022