“Music, in which there is no noise, it affects like an enchanting fairy tale on the body, adjusting it to positive energy. -Krystof- knows all the places in the human soul, which you can press and drive crazy!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, в которой нет шума, она воздействует словно чарующая сказка на организм, настраивая его на позитивную энергию. -KRYSTOF- знает все места в человеческой душе, на которые можно нажать и свести с ума!”


Artist said about this song:

"Best Fake Friend" is as the title already say’s a song about my BFF! Instead of the 'forever', I went for 'fake' because it really took a turn - a plot twist. A lot of people write about relationships falling out while I think there are also a lot of friendship fall-outs! Talking behind your back, fake smiles, being narcissistic, never reaching out and caring about the other one, being jealous, using you as an advantage and emotional support - FAKE. Releasing this song helped me to close that chapter! It’s just a song simply saying - 'You are my Best Fake Friend!' " - KRYSTOF