Landsailors – Wishful Thinking

“The magnificent guitar intro instantly tunes in a lyrical way. Music -Landsailors is like lazily floating clouds that remind you of whipped cream for your favorite cake. So sweet and tasty sound diluted with a romantic duet. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Великолепное гитарное интро мгновенно настраивает на лирический лад. Музыка -Landsailors- словно лениво плывущие облака, которые напоминают вам взбитые сливки для вашего любимого торта. Настолько сладкое и вкусное звучание разбавленное романтическим дуэтом.”

This is an acoustic based song that has a haunting, edgy, warm sound. It is a vocal duo that carries power and warmth and a song that goes on a journey from zero to one hundred. It's about feeling like everyone else in the world is running your life for you and the desire to want to be free to be your own person.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 17, 2022