Lujza – Do You Wanna Know

“The song flaunts before the listener the ideal arrangement in the Neo-Soul genre and many thin, but pleasant sound trifles. The music filled with deep text, lyrics and enveloping vocals -lujza-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Песня красуется перед слушателем идеальной аранжировкой в жанре Neo-Soul и множеством тонких, но приятных звуковых мелочей. Музыка наполненная глубоким текстом, лирикой и обволакивающим вокалом -Lujza-.”

Artist said about this song:

"‘DO YOU WANNA KNOW ‘ is the third single from my love story album Caught Up. From falling head over heels in love and ending in major relationship breakdown, this song is about track 6. We are at a stage of the relationship when everyone is out to score points and things are deteriorating fast. That point when you are discovering things about yourself that are ugly and that lead to the realisation that you are with the wrong person.."

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 6, 2022