“Nu-disco unique genre unique in its perception. Only he is able to decorate your mood in all colors, even if pouring rains went over your head all day. And let you, as in the new track from -luxxury, will be fine!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Nu-disco уникальный по своему восприятию жанр. Только он способен разукрасить ваше настроение во все цвета, даже если над вашей головой весь день шли проливные дожди. И пусть у вас, как и в новом треке от -LUXXURY- будет всё хорошо!”


LA producer Blake Robin aka LUXXURY’s new full length album finds the bassline-obsessed disco addict experimenting with funk, synthpop and even (gasp!) pure instrumentals. “Increasingly in my most recent singles I’ve been treating vocals like instruments” says Robin, “backgrounding and balancing them as sonic elements instead of centerpieces,so the listener gets lost in the groove.” And indeed the star of these 11 songs is undoubtedly the 11 stellar basslines that ground the swirling synths and melodies as vocal fragments coolly dip in and out of the mix along. Highlights include: KCRW fave “What Are We Gonna Do?”; the slap bass workout “Somebody Tonight”; the contemplative “…At Any Moment” (playlisted by Purple Disco Machine) and its sister track, the title track “Alright”; while playful disco-house burner “Let’s Stay Together” blends house and jazz-funk rhythms with his trademark dusty basslines. The 11 songs on LUXXURY’s album are all infectiously rhythmically-oriented while exploring new disco directions.