Lydia Briggs – Daylight (Video)

“The song -Daylight- is constantly evolving with every minute, revealing to its listeners Lydia’s artistic voice and colour of emotion. All this magic happens in the background and brings incredible atmospheric sound harmony. Amazing feeling of momentary processuality. Hold your breath. Do you listen? Beauty…”

“Песня -Daylight- постоянно развивается, с каждой минутой приоткрывает своему слушателю новые тембры и эмоциональный окрас. Всё это чудо происходит на фоне невероятной и атмосферной гармонии звука. Удивительное ощущение сиюминутной процессуальности. Затаите дыхание. Вы слышите? Красота…”

Artist shared few words behind the inspiration:

” The song is about my personal experiences with a lack of empathy in dangerous situations. When violence happens in broad “Daylight”, where are the helpers? This melodic pop anthem is my way to speak out for those of us who suffer alone.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 5, 2021