“Great Edm remix from -Dave audé- for a chic track -lynda Carter-. It's time to cheer up under his rhythms on hot, summer days, get a cool drink from the refrigerator and leave the house!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Отличный EDM ремикс от -Dave Audé- на шикарный трек -Lynda Carter-. Самое время для того, чтобы взбодриться под его ритмы в жаркие, летние дни, достать из холодильника прохладный напиток и выйти из дома!”


Lynda Carter [Wonder Woman] has collaborated with GRAMMY award-winning producer and DJ Dave Audé (Lady GaGa, Ariana Grande), in this remix of her poignant song 'Human and Divine'. It's a song reflecting the inspirational love of her husband, but it's also a connection to strength and the love found in the powerful female characters in Wonder Woman. Audé has worked his trademark magic on the track, taking the rich basso profundo moments and heroic chorus of the original, and creating a glorious beat-driven masterpiece. Says Carter: “I’m in awe of what Dave Audé can do with a song and I’m thrilled and flattered that he connected with it instantly. He took me on a new musical journey that I am sooo in love with!” Says Audé, “When Lynda Carter called me to remix ‘Human and Divine,’ I knew I had to do something that lived up to the larger-than-life persona we all know and love. I was super excited to do something epic and at the same time keeping the spirit of the original.”