“This Electro Pop stands out vividly against the background of many others by its unusual rhythm-section, melodic structure and interesting vocal processing. Very powerful bass and barrel perfectly harmonize with each other and easily create a wave of vibrations throughout your body.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот Electro Pop ярко выделяется на фоне многих других своей необычной ритм-секцией, мелодической структурой и интересной обработкой вокала. Очень мощный бас и бочка отлично гармонируют друг с другом и с лёгкостью создадут волну вибраций по всему вашему телу.”


Judging by the lyrics “UR Beautiful” is a simple narrative extolling the virtues of a loved one. However, the track, with its Lorde like quality, possesses a sinister and uneasy edge. Entirely constructed from animal samples ‘UR Beautiful’ utilises a prowling bass line that propels the song as if it is encircling its prey. Whatever the intention the track is highly effective and demonstrates, yet again, Maditronique’s vocal prowess and her ability to construct distinctive and memorable electro pop.