O’o – Spin

“A spin on the reality of the psychedelic reels of continuity. Embedded with a warm fuzzy vocal sound that pulls us in. The colors seem to continue their dance to this elaborate tripped out midtempo gem. ”


O’o returns with Spin, the hypnotic, shuffling, second single from their debut album Touche. ‘Spin’ is set amongst the decadent mise-en-scene of the unfair funfair, with vocalist Victoria Suter dispensing some sisterly advice about how to look after oneself in the big bad world. A sequenced, robotic Rhodes piano carries these prophetic lyrics across a steady beat to the break, as dubbed out tape delays engulf the sole lyric “Spin”. As if to suggest that this universal groove could continue until the end of the universe, Spin slowly fades out, urging the listener to get closer to their speakers and savor every last moment.


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 29, 2022