“-Ramiro Pinheiro- music can be considered refined and elegant. The rhythm of the composition -Nasceu Pra Navegar- manifests itself in the melody and the accompaniment. Cool, emotionally restrained jazz, like the warmest and very gentle human feelings. Enveloping warmth, serenity and peace of mind.”

“Музыку -Ramiro Pinheiro- можно смело назвать утончённой и элегантной. Ритмика композиции -Nasceu Pra Navegar- проявляет себя не в мелодии, а в аккомпанементе. Прохладный, эмоционально сдержанный джаз, вызывает исключительно грациозные и самые светлые человеческие чувства. Обволакивающее тепло, безмятежность и душевный комфорт.”

– “Nasceu Pra Navegar”, the first of four pieces that welcome Pablo Giménez on flute, is an original samba that is worthy of A. C. Jobim. Edi Barcelo’s singing and Crá Rosa’s quiet percussion are major assets as is the leader’s accompanying guitar. Ramiro Pinheiro’s debut album Sentido is highly recommended to any listener having a love for Brazilian jazz. The rich melodies, variety, and top-notch musicianship along with the consistent creativity make this a memorable release. – Reviewed by Scott Yanow, jazz journalist

Ramiro Pinheiro is a Brazilian guitarist, singer and songwriter born in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), currently living in Barcelona. He has performed in major venues and festivals in Spain and Europe, and have recorded, played and worked with musicians such as Horacio Fumero, Rafael Barata, Rita Payés, Pablo Selnik, Gabriel Amargant, Ana Rossi, Albert Bover, Hugo Arán, Jeffe Otto, Felix Rossy, Pablo Giménez, Rodrigo Balduino, Jurandir Santana, Amoy Ribas, Martin Laportilla, Jaume Vilaseca, Rodrigo Bezerra, Ramón Ángel Rey, among others.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 1, 2021

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