Savage the Poet – Head Up (Spotify)

“This one just feels right. Those muffled keys set the tone right out the gate. Classic slow tempo with a ultrachill beat and exciting horn section overtones. We really enjoyed the sublime chorus and the smooth spitting game of the artist. Big ups keep them coming. ”

Savage The Poet is a Nuyorican Brooklyn Bred Poet, MC and Lyricist. He adopts the style and influence of 90s rappers like Biggie Smalls and The Fugees with a twist of jazzy poets like Pedro Pietri, J Cole and Jhene aiko. He is moved to use language as a catalyst for change and incorporates Afro Latino spirituality to uplift and ignite the human spirit. His name was created as a form of reinventing the negative term as it has been used oppressively throughout history toward brown bodies and their culture. Similar to his idol Tupac who gave new meaning and power to the word Thug Life. He added The Poet to remind the culture of Hip Hop of its roots in poetry and the revolutionary strength words have when used effectively. As a wordsmith, he holds the hopes and dreams of his people through the rhythm and blues of his speech.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 23, 2021