“Voice -scharliina- like a capture of hummingbirds in the air - the same weightless, airy and light as a feather. There is something fabulous, elven and serene in it. Instrumental music very beautifully complements and reveals the entire angelic essence of the singer.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Голос -Scharliina- как полёт колибри в воздухе — такой же невесомый, воздушный и лёгкий как пёрышко. Есть в нём нечто сказочное, эльфийское и безмятежное. Инструментальная музыка очень красиво дополняет и раскрывает всю ангельскую суть певицы.”

Maybe is a powerful, deep and hopeful pop ballad.

Written whilst in therapy recovering from a serious eating disorder. This message becomes very clear in the song, talking about inner wars and battles. But the song represents and carries a lot of hope. That is why we decided on making the song very ethereal. with many choirs, violins and powerful drums. The song has been in the making for almost 2 years, with 3 different producers, all from different countries. Adrian X- from Canada, Swedish Tim Norell - known artistically as: ¨Mydo¨ and Scharliina- The artist herself, from Finland.

¨Maybe¨ is the artists most mainstream song, that captivates audiences with its powerful lyrics, piano, drums and voice.

Using music as a therapy tool. Inspiring others with raw and honest stories. The artist's greatest wish is to help others heal or cope with their own pain through her music and songs.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 1, 2022

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