“The duet -Sharon Ruchman- and -Sonoro- released one of the most activating albums. Each of the compositions form parts of great stories, but special attention was paid in the work of -Reminisce-. Discover some breath of melancholy in every note.”

“Дуэт -Sharon Ruchman- и -Sonoro- выпустили один из самых трогательных альбомов. Каждая из композиций часть большой истории, но особое внимание в ней, на наш взгляд, занимает работа -Reminisce-. Свежий глоток меланхолии в каждой ноте.”

American composer, pianist and violist, Sharon Ruchman, announces the launch of “Simply SONORO,” the first album she composed for SONORO, a musical ensemble reflecting a combination of classically trained musicians juxtaposed with those steeped in Latin, jazz, and blues. Rooted in classical with a combination of 10 original tracks, the versatile album defies genre, displaying a multitude of layers filled with colors, tones, textures and rhythms.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 29, 2021

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