“A musically vibrant blending of a variety of genres including Hip Hop, Soul & Reggae that would be as much at home in Kingston as it would be in New York, or London. The message is clear ‘Tell Me What side I’m on?’ The answer equally as clear. Racism has no place in the World. ”

The singer Katie Burke wakes up sober and Skype’s with her fellow musician Rocksteady Fred in Sweden. Together they are the duo Silent Nancy and they talk about how to fill the upcoming album with fantastic music. The conversation will soon be about the injustices that characterize American society. Why do significantly more white’s than black’s survive Covid 19? Also, can something be done about the widespread racism within the police force?

Together with Shaka The King, the idea for the song Tell me what side I'm on was born. Shaka runs a vegan restaurant, stands on the barricade, gets his worst frustrations out as a boxing instructor and raps late at night at the toughest underground hip hop clubs in New York. He has no problem making a song that questions society. Tell me what side I'm on, is a mix of Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae. Katie's unic voice and Shaka's rap stand out in the support of the Black Lives Matters movement. Silent Nancy plans to release two more singles next spring and the album will be released in the summer of 2021!

About Silent Nancy
A Molocow Cocktail of emotions is thrown to the air in this song, For those who don’t know. Katie Burke grabs your heart and won’t let it go until she sings the last tone of this massive reggae / soul ballad. The riddim is actually built up on a reggae riddim but sounds more like an old school soul song when Burke completes the harmonies with her voice. This was the first song Rocksteady Fred and Katie Burke ever made together and the chemistry soon led to the making of two albums! The first Album will be released this summer while the second is still cockin…

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 5, 2021

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