Soukou – Lucky To Be Alive (official Video) (Video)

“Interesting song with good organized synthesis and the crystal clear voice of Soukou. A very special Synthpop candy that you shouldn’t miss.”

SOUKOU – With the release of the first single, “Lucky to be Alive”, under her real name Ena Wild rises like a phoenix from the ashes: From now on, Ena Wild goes by SOUKOU and is all grown-up.

Or rather “part-time grown-up” – just because you pay taxes doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. With her unmistakable voice and plenty of Berlin sparkle, SOUKOU proves that great pop music can grow with you.

More than Grönemeyer and currywurst: The 32-year-old singer and songwriter SOUKOU also hails from Bochum and has been making music for over 18 years. She started with Gospel and Hip Hop. Then from 2007 and at the tender age of 19, she conquered the clubs of Berlin as Ena Wild with techno and electro beats. SOUKOU’s musical palette is as varied as the colors of the rainbow: She works as a songwriter for hit productions, has toured with various circus productions (for which she wrote the soundtracks herself) by international companies (such as Cirk la Putyka, Base Berlin, Analog the Company in AUS, CZ, GER, NL, AUT, DNK, IT), and released a one-take acoustic album titled “A Color”. And it was all self-published. Her 90s pop roots continue to shape SOUKOU’s style and the label pop remains a compliment for the singer. Because making music that is loved by many is no shame at all. Whether synthpop or Berlin pop: Ena refracts her passion for life in her lyrics – light, dark and especially colorful.

Carried by SOUKOU’s soulful voice, “Lucky to be Alive” is a sophisticated synthpop anthem and a true declaration of love for life with all its ups and downs. SOUKOU has already experienced quite a few of them and with this song shows everyone that she has come out of them stronger than ever. That moment after a long decline, when everything is over and you realize: It’s still good to be alive. Just like the proverbial phoenix. And who couldn’t use this powerful message from SOUKOU on their soundtrack after the year 2020?

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 3, 2021