Takk – In The Middle Of The Night

“You have an exceptional opportunity to get a frantic pleasure from the quality of this composition. A bright representative of the Post Rock genre, which offers you to become a real tasting of this track. He is like wine - over the years only better. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У вас есть исключительная возможность получить неистовое наслаждение от качества этой композиции. Яркий представитель жанра Post Rock, который предлагает вам стать настоящим дегустатором этого трека. Он как вино - с годами только лучше.”


Despite years of touring the country in different bands playing wildly different genres, there’s something apt about the fact that London trio Takk formed after a chance meeting in a local pub. Sometimes what you’re searching for was right in front of you all along.

Bringing to bear those years of experience both in bands and solo projects, James (drums) and Rich (guitar/production) were working together on a new project but were missing one vital component: the right singer.

After meeting James on a night out, Lily (vocals) agreed to work with the pair, relishing the challenge of entering unfamiliar musical territory. As an alumnus of the prestigious Brit School, Lily’s classically-trained, soulful voice proved an unlikely yet perfect match for the the sounds about to emerge from Takk’s tiny North London studio.

Starting with Lily’s piano-based voice-note recordings, the trio gradually expanded these into full-blown productions, resulting in the entirely self-produced Elephant EP

It would be easy to classify Takk as “synth-pop”, but while there are undeniable parallels with contemporary acts like CHVRCHES and Purity Ring, Rich’s haunting guitar lines will appeal to fans of more esoteric bands like Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You.

Takk claim they’re not afraid of using the word “shoegaze”, but that’s just one element of their unique sound. Classic analogue synthesiser sounds seamlessly intertwine with reverb-drenched guitars. So far, so post-rock. But Takk’s secret weapon is Lily’s unmistakeable voice.

Equally evocative of Christine McVie’s timeless heartache and Florence Welch’s ethereal mystique, songs like In The Middle Of The Night have choruses that are crying out to be sung back by festival crowds as the sun sets behind them.

Like their own chance meeting in a London pub, Takk are the band you didn’t know you were looking for. But you’ll be grateful you found them.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 19, 2022