“Loving these vocals and guitars, they are in perfect blend and when the string part arrives, it goes on whole different level. Smooth rhythm is just a beautiful touch at a production side. Mood of the song is for everyday listening pleasure. ”

The tune builds into a stirring crescendo, Stanton’s warm vocals naturally lending to its emotive core. Her intrinsic storyteller’s notion lends itself well to this first-person narrative. She says, “I wrote ‘I’m No Good’ when I felt frustrated about my mental health. I’ve always been an over-thinker, but it had gotten to a point where I was spending hours a day ruminating, and sometimes my mind would take me to some dark places. At the time, I couldn’t really see how things could get better, and I was scared, but writing this did help me get through it. I hope it reaches people who may struggle with mental illness and that it helps them feel seen, loved, and a little less alone.”

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 4, 2022

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