veronicavon – Nothing’s for Certain (Spotify)

“Stay a while and settle into this plush beat. Her angelic voice pulls us in closer and closer. We enjoyed the organic elements of the track, soft snares, and those guitar romances. Close your eyes and let the soft ness of the colors sink in. ”

Dreamy, catchy, and full of foolish love - veronicavon’s debut single ‘Nothing’s for Certain’ is a hypnotic nugget of synth-infused indie pop.

Formed in the depths of 2020, veronicavon is the brainchild of songwriters Chris Hackman (Human Barbie) and Xuan Nguyen (Xuan), who joined forces with a secret plan to stay sane and explore new horizons in bedroom pop. Hackman & Nguyen’s other projects have been featured on KCRW, Brooklyn Vegan, Spotify Editorial, Compact Cassette, and more; veronicavon promises to add an bewitchingly upbeat flavor to their already-enticing repertoires.

Entirely self-produced, the dream-pop duo’s debut single ‘Nothing’s for Certain’ has a distinctly lo-fi aesthetic, but with all of the addictive melodic and lyrical power of a pop favorite. So turn down the lights, set aside your cares and worries, and slip into the enchanting world of two young lovers, intoxicated with the magic of loving.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 19, 2021