“It’s not always easy to make decisions and we tend to overthink many different things. A truth that is mentioned via Vocalizer’s new song. The Electro Pop hit that can change the way you face reality and give you the power to go on.”

Vocalizer is an exciting new pop project that sees four Music Industry friends teaming up to create massive, engaging records. With emotional, hook-drenched songs that instantly resonate with audiences worldwide, the power of their writing and production is undeniable. Vocalizer is Paul Visser, Ria Jaggard, Peter Ruppert, and Hugh Goldsmith, one of the world’s most successful A&R executives, credited with over 20 number one records with artists as Take That, Blue, Atomic Kitten, and Billie Piper

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 7, 2021

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