Yana – Don’t Want Your Love

“Influenced by her post-breakup feelings, the talented "Yana" sings with bold sentimental mood and cannot leave you unaffected. Also the quality Lo-fi Pop background of sounds perfectly matches with the lyrics and create a hooking effect.”


Artist said about this song:

"I wrote "Don't Want Your Love" after the end of an unfulfilling relationship I had at 20. I shared the idea with Instagram, uploading a video of myself playing the song on piano in my bedroom. To my surprise, tons of people related to it and asked for the full song. I recorded it with producers Franco Reid and Jon Joseph later that year in Los Angeles. "


Born in Varna, Bulgaria and raised in Long Beach, California, 23 year-old Yana captures the intimacy of poignant pop lyricism and ear-wormy melody to create the dream-pop of tomorrow with her smooth and sultry vocal tone. After emigrating with her family from a post-socialist Slavic Europe and finding refuge in the United States, Yana fell in love with the creative freedom that music provided and dedicated the majority of her growing years to developing her sonic style. In early 2019, she teamed up writer/producer Franco Reid to begin writing her EP “Hindsight.” The newest single from the project, “Don’t Want Your Love” describes the unfulfilling end of a relationship, the kind that leaves you only with questions. Yana is able to encapsulate the feeling of post-breakup confusion and yearning with a hooking melody you won’t be able to forget.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 23, 2022