111 – See You Again (Spotify)

Nadja, Singer & Songwriter of 111, wrote 'See you again' for her best friend who passed when she was 18 years old. At that time she had no emotional tools to deal with the overwhelming pain and it almost tore her apart. Because of all the pain, for a long time she wasn't really able to feel the deep, beyond-lifetime connection between him and her. Now she does feel it and from this exact place comes this song!

Few words about 111:

With 111, Nadja and her producer pick up the idea of 'healing music' with its scientifically proven benefits and translating it into a new sound aesthetic for a wider audience: No eso -cliché, but a fresh, organic ambient -electro-sound that gives the listener a feeling of relaxation and warmth. A lot of the songs are presented in 432 hz instead of the usual 440 hz pop-songs are presented in. Studies prove, that this frequency has more relaxing and empowering effects because it matches the natural vibration of the human body. 111 combines instruments from different musical traditions which are known for their touching and relaxing sounds, for example the monochord. The lyrics sometimes embed mantras from different religions which are known for their strengthening and healing effects, and are always positive and empowering.

With their new approach and understanding of ‚healing music‘, 111 brings together artists from all genres and all over the world, who also believe in the positive effects of rhythm, sound and voice! For example, for their song ‚protected‘ Nadja worked together with award-winning L.A.-based producer Robot Koch, with whom she also wrote the newest track 'See you again'. The successful Berlin-based producer-duo 'Dasmo & Mania' didi the production!

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 11, 2020