Audriix – Hate You More Than I Love You

“From love to hatred – only one step, but you should not spend your time on negative thoughts, just let yourself go and enjoy the Synthpop rhythm and melody. Sound details are like single elements, sound like a whole and self -sufficient mechanism that can start your cooled heart. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“От любви до ненависти — всего один шаг, но не стоит тратить своё время на негативные мысли, просто отпустите себя и насладитесь ритмом и мелодией Synthpop. Звуковые детали словно единые элементы, звучат как цельный и самодостаточный механизм, способный завести ваше остывшее сердце.”

Hate You More Than I Love You gives a glimpse into the mind of someone reflecting on a toxic relationship but struggling to let go. This song is an anthem of the aftermath of narcissistic relationships, where you’re left torn between knowing it was bad but still loving the person. Audriix says, “After my last relationship, I was left in a confused state, holding feelings of both hate and love at the same time. The music video is literally what you would see if you had a camera into my mind with constant flashbacks of memories, both good and bad, and the difficulty sorting through these conflicting emotions.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 31, 2022