Carla Stark – Naive (Video)

“The new composition of Carla Stark – Naive – is full of rich colors and personality, penetrating through the soul with vocals and the energy of music, as a link between heaven and earth.”

“Композиция Carla Stark – Naive насыщена сочными красками и индивидуальностью, пронизывающим насквозь душу вокалом и энергии музыки, как связующее звено между небом и землёй.”

Carla Stark, born Carla Biset-Bentchikou, is 33 years old. With her Algerian-German mother and French father, Carla lived first in France, then in Vietnam and in India. The French-Algerian singer, Belgian at heart, now spends her time between Bombay, London and Belgium, where she settled 13 years ago. Proud of the many different sides of her personality, she describes herself as a chameleon.

Carla grew up listening to both Korn and Stevie Wonder. With the sound of her father’s saxophone in her ears, she was singing the lyrics to Claude Nougaro before she could even talk. As you understand it, music has been a part of her life since the beginning. For 16 years, she works hard on the piano, before leaving it and focusing on high school, that she finished in Vietnam. She then moves to Belgium where she studies at the Solvay Business School et gets a Master in Economics (by presenting a thesis on music therapy).

Just out of school, and after a few years of business experience, Carla feels like she doesn’t belong and decides to follow her heart and be an artist. She takes a few singing lessons, joins a theatre group, then integrates the Cours Florent, a theatre school in Brussels where she will study a few months before joining the Indian music “Beyond Bollywood”, where she will go from being in the production team to being on stage as an actor and a dancer, for the whole Europe tour of the show.

Carla Stark’s latest album “Karma” was a quest. A quest of love and a search to find herself again after a painful breakup. The singer comes back today with a new EP “C.”, sometimes inspired by her deceptions, sometimes by the optimism of her better life. Chameleon with multiple influences, the artist lives between Brussels, London and Mumbai and decides to sing her emotions in booth English and French.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 26, 2020