“Find Something You Can Hold On To - calls out to all of us in his new composition, Chris Mapili. The postulate of our life is with you. Do what you must and be what should be. Goosebumps in the chorus with this wonderful vocal performance. ”

“Find Something You Can Hold On To - взывает всех нас в своей новой композиции Chris Mapili. Постулат нашей с вами жизни. Делай, что должен и будь, что будет.”

Blending renegade folk with gospel, "Find Something You Can Hold On To" takes you on a gritty and grand journey through your heart and soul. Carefully crafted for 2020's year end holiday season and 2021's upcoming climb, this timeless classic will have you singing along half-way through your first listen

Blending grunge, folk, rock, and a deeply emotive percussive delivery with piercing lyrics, singer/songwriter Chris Mapili continues to captivate his audiences. His upcoming EP traverses intimate and gruff acoustic landscapes.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 23, 2020

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