Hella Precious – Back to You (Zey) (Spotify)

“"Back to You (Zey)" It starts fresh and sumerish, with a short cinematic string before hits you in with the sweet vocals of Hella Precious and while you try to digest the harmonic rainbow here, it starts kicking and thats it, you cannot sit down, and so we did, finishing that review with a small break after few repeats and smiley dancing in the office, giving some volume up. ”


Hella Precious is a self-produced latinx artist currently based in Arizona. Their music draws from pop, soul, and dance to convey messages of love, freedom, and magic.
On their latest song "Back To You (Zey)", Hella Precious dishes out a fun and effortless pop jam all about letting go of baggage and gender roles and simply embracing love. Combining a breezy beat and smooth vocals, "Back To You" channels a danceable and fluid vibe while maintaining the importance of finding a deeper truth in love.
"Back To You (Zey)" by Hella Precious releases worldwide Septermber 4, 2020 on Blanket Fort.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 13, 2020