“Giving us a sense as stepping on the grass with bare feet, where the evening dew gives us cooling and tranquility. Julie Hanney invites us to take a look at the soundscape, a really wonderful one!”

“Я ступаю по траве босыми ногами, где вечерняя роса дает мне охлаждение и умиротворение. Julie Hanney предлагает нам взглянуть на звуковой пейзаж. И это действительно чудесно!”

This song invites the listener to relax as if surrounded by oxygen-giving trees in a peaceful forest. In Japan they have a term for "forest bathing" - it's shinrin-yoku. They understand the importance of getting out of the city, being surrounded by nature and resetting one's nervous system.

Julie is a pianist, composer and teacher. Her music spans several genres from relaxing to contemporary classical to jazz to modern romantic. Writing music since she was a little girl, she received her formal music education at the University of Oregon where she graduated with a degree in music with special emphasis on piano and composition. She studied composition at the graduate level and is a published composer of works for piano, choir and various instrument combinations. She has arranged and composed music for the Jones Road String Quartet, the Bend Cello Collective, the Gospel Choir of the Cascades and various community, church and school choirs. Comfortable crossing many genres from classical to gospel and more, Julie loves to create unique soundscapes. Julie's music has been described as "peaceful yet intriguing."

One reviewer said, "If George Winston and Erik Satie had a musical baby, it would be Julie Hanney." This is a true compliment of Julie's ability to create and perform music that can both inspire and soothe.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 8, 2020

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