“Stringy pace, clearly standing rhythm patterns and bass sound. A strong overall view of depression and melancholy shown by -Bonnie & Clyde- while having some weight of trip-hop sound. A distinct voice with synth sounds create the perfect backdrop for the most discerning listeners.”

“Тягучий темп, отчётливые партии ритм-блока и баса. Характерная общая картина депрессивности и меланхолии лишь выделают -Bonnie & Clyde- из общей массы trip-hop звучания. Приглушённый голос и звуки синтезаторов создают идеальный фон неповторимого настроения для самых искушенных слушателей.”

Kit Kido is a contemporary torch singer that blends lyrical storytelling with digital soundscapes. Noir synth sounds, loops, guitars and a touch of 90s nostalgia create the perfect backdrop for her dystopian love stories. Between the present and the future, Kit Kido finds herself in that thin line where reality meets fantasy.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 4, 2021

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