Marcus Moon – The Moon Represents My Heart (Official Video w/ Lyrics) (Video)

“-Marcus Moon- through a divine, unearthly vocal performance and a lush of gently harmonies , with his new song -The Moon Represents My Heart- deliver us cinematic emotions of a beautiful world that reflects inside us.

The Moon Represents My Heart

An accessible, modern day aria set to the most beautiful words and images. Try to get through the poetic lyrics and haunting music (not to mention the angelic voice of opera singer Ania Hejnar) without having a few of your heart strings pulled. A box of tissues may come in handy for when your eyes get misty.

Just like the Moon inspires us to dream, and guides us through the dark night, so does your heart guide you when you need it the most, if you choose to listen to it.

Marcus Moon composes in the style and instrumentation of classical music, but with an unmistakable influence of modern day life. Deeply inspired by the singer/songwriters that he grew up listening to, there is always a story at the center of his work. Although his music is mostly without words, he paints the most vivid and heartfelt imagery using simple harmonies and very direct melodies, played on classical instruments, such as piano and cello.

His highly anticipated debut album is scheduled for release in December, 2020.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 28, 2020