Morteza Jahangiri – Guo Death (Spotify)

“Guo Voices - melodic Chinese instruments and enveloping ambient, harmony, serenity and emotional balance. This is the first thing you feel when immersed in the new EP of Morteza Jahangiri.”

“Guo Voices - мелодичные китайские инструменты и обволакивающий эмбиент, гармония, умиротворение и душевный баланс. Это первое, что ощущаешь при погружении в новый EP Morteza Jahangiri.”

Cello has been used as melody. the rest of song focus on rich pads and also variations within atmosphere.

Morteza Jahangiri Creates Ambient music. His releases range from dreamy,relaxing soundscapes to classical and melancholic music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 27, 2020